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Gilda | 1994 | she/they | nonbinary lesbian | artist | girlfriend to the wonderful Goofpunk

My name is Gilda! I was born in Brazil in 1994 (as of writing this in December 2020, I'm 26 years old!). I'm an artist who loves working with illustration, animation, photography and art history! My handle for Discord + art-related things is GildedPhD, while my general handle is RodentLibrary. I've been mostly posting animations on Youtube, admittedly I'm not as much of a fan of Twitter and the such despite having an account on there haha!

I joined the PC around 2005-2006 and honestly Petz is gonna be part of me forever! I adore hexing and trading petz, hit me up if you ever wanna do a petz (or art) trade!

Discord: GildedPhD#0565





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