Hexing Bases

Old breedfiles of mine that are now up for any kind of hexing/breeding/brexing. Feel free to sell them on TFM or trade with them as long as credit is given to me for the base.

All should be unibreeds unless noted otherwise! All I ask is that you give me credit for the base! Thank you!!

Dog Nic Cage (2021)
Get Nic Cage's Petzsona in your game! Feel free to convert it into an overwrite, modify to your liking etc.

Overwrites Labrador, textures are included (and can also be downloaded separatedly)

Bottleneck Calico (2020)
A file I made in about 30 minutes at Dew's New Years Slumber Party! Originally meant to be a bottle of wine, but it can be any kind of beverage in a longneck glass bottle, really

Overwrites Calico

Sabra v1 (2007)
Includes non-OW and OW versions (overwrites Russian Blue)

Fox Dane (2012)
Includes non-OW and OW versions (overwrites Great Dane)

Dumbo Dali (2012)
Includes non-OW and OW versions (overwrites Dalmatian)