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  • Don't claim my hexies or art as yours, please credit me;
  • If showing my Petz (assuming any show accepts them) please keep Petzcape in the prefix;
  • Don't copy my codes please! However, looking into the LNZ as a reference/learning tool is absolutely okay;
  • Shifting colors, paintball eyes (or Petzy eyes if they already have paintball eyes) and/or a wireframe look can be added to any file upon request. I can also do SCP/personality swaps;
  • If unwanted please MPA, send back to or contact me at Gildedware#0565 on Discord!

  • Available: I'm up to trading them/adopting them out!
  • Restricted: Only a few will be given out! (generally takes a trade of some sort but honestly I'm super easy to please)
  • Exclusive: Made only for me or one particular person!
  • Retired: No more will be made from this file!

    All of them are for P4 unless noted otherwise. Should work on all games 3-5!

    All Petz images are shown as they are in-game, with no editing. If they have eyeshines, it's because they have paintball or [No Texture Rotate] eyes!

    Catz-Based Hexies

    Dogz-Based Hexies

    Pokemon Hexies (rebuilding page)