‚Äč Petzcape: A Petz3+ Site


Isn't it wonderful that we have this whole little digital universe of tiny Petz living inside our computers?

My own little universe got its start around 2005 or 2006, when I found the Petz 5 games inside a bargain bin in a big box store. I found myself fascinated by the case and even more enamored with the little big-eyed digital critters jumping around my screen. Unfortunately I don't have the Petz from this very early era with me anymore, but I distinctly remember having a pair of G1 Russian Blues, Sirius and Night. It didn't take too long for me to figure out that there was a lively Petz Community centered around the games!

As soon as I found out what "hexing" was and how it was done, I was immediately hooked for life. To this day, hexing is what I consider myself to specialize in and it's one of my favorite things to do in the PC: to hex, to collect hexies from others (it's so cool how each and every hexer develops their own signature style!) and to trade. For over 15 years, my own little computer universe has been growing with me, keeping me company even when I go into periods of dormancy when it comes to Petz (life happens!).

Petzcape is only the second Petz website I've ever made, it's the sucessor of an hex archive hosted on Weebly named DoktorGilda's Petz Laboratory, circa 2012. Petzcape has my hex work, playscenes, downloadable Petz and a collection of cool links for one to explore, all while keeping to the old web aesthetic (yes, it's a pun on Netscape!) that's true to Petz and also personally adored by me. It's basically my presence in the PC, in website form.

With luck, you'll find something cool to add to the little universe in your own computer as well. :}

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